Inside the male brain…

2,500 single men in America on what they actually are looking for:

 Men Judge women By:        








coveted shoes



How do men want to be intimate (besides sex)?

1. Words of affection (92%)

2. Romantic dinner (92%)

3. Sharing secrets (85%)

While the stereotype may still be true that men may be more sexually permissive…

27ZDRINKING-articleLarge63% of men had had a one night stand and 45% of men approved of sex on the first date.

Men actually want a commitment!

Compared to women, men…

man-and-womanfall in love faster and more often, approve more of PDA, introduce new partners to friends and family sooner, want to move in sooner, and 48% of men wanted to meet a date’s parents before becoming exclusive.

Surprised yet?

91% of men are comfortable with a woman asking them out!


Fisher, H. (2013). Singles in America. study. Retrieved from:

About thedatingpsych

Lindsay Slosberg is currently a third year Clinical Psychology PhD student in Los Angeles, California.
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